DWM is a product company working with digital products meant to be used via Internet, where it exists a clear market potential within the B2B segment, where customers constitute by companies, municipalities, counties and state owned businesses.

DWM has a number of prodcts that the company usually offers to the market together with partners. The partners working with DWM always will be established companies and organisations having a good reputation and a thorough interest for respective product. It creates opportunities to generate volume based revenues, since all products have high scalability.

DWM's product strategy is always based on what the market is asking for and that DWM satisfies these needs by solving the problems the market experiences by offering web based solutions through products.

Future products to be launched on the market will be based on the same technical platform and have synergies with existing products in order to utilize the leverage from existing customers and partners.

To take part of DWM's product portfolio, please choose either product to the left. You will see what they contain and also be able to visit the actual products.