About DigitalWebbMedia

DigitalWebbMedia i Skandinavien AB (publ) is a public company. In daily speech the name is shortened to DWM. The company has a number of different digital products and services.

Our aim is to become a major actor in the product areas we choose to operate within. The long-term goal is to have partners all over the world so that we get the local connection needed to make successful introductions on every market.

Our products are to most part sold through licensed partners with the common motto: The customer is always in our focus!

Business idea
DigitalWebbMedia helps small and medium sized companies with their visibility and knowledge on the Internet with different digital solutions.

"Every company should be able to afford growth via the Internet"
DigitalWebbMedia will stimulate the development to let companies in an easy way make growth through the Internet and thereby increase the knowledge of handling the technique within the company.

We found out that companies lacked a lot of required products from the digital world. In 2007 we decided to fill these needs with products. DWM's products are based on genuine work with many man hours spent. In 2012, DWM has begun to sign deals with partners established outside of Sweden.

DWM looks at the future with great expectations. DWM is looking to sign deals with major global companies and get a springboard effect onto the world wide market.