DWM owns and administrates among other things a building. In August 2007, DWM acquired the building Flygskytten 4 in Västerås, from where DWM ourselves conduct our business.

The building is situated in an attractive business area with good potentials for the future. It is close to the E18 highway and Västerås Airport, which we consider an optimal placement considering the kind of business DWM runs.

The office building consists of three floors with office spaces (855 m2), basement (179 m2) with related garage/storage (105 m2) and yard. The building is adapted for disabled people and an elevator is installed for transportation to all floors.

Large parts of the building is rented by other companies. It means the building is self financed, and DWM does not have any major costs for the building.

The top floor is one big open space with plenty of room to the ceiling and large windows. The floor involves a kitchen with dining space, a storage and two WC, as well as big, open office space ideal for workshops, educations, meetings, presentations etc. The top floor also has air conditioning.

The middle floor consists of smaller offices, two kitchenettes, dining space, a storage, two WC and a conference room. At this floor DWM ourselves work with sales, development, administration and so on.

The bottom floor consists of two large office spaces rented by other companies.

The building was renovated in 1991 for a little over 7 million SEK of the former owners, the OM Group. They sold the building to the Ljungberg group who undertook a smaller renovation in 2002. DWM bought the building at 4.6 million SEK and it was valued in 2007 to 6.7 million SEK.

The building is located next to an exclusive spa, gym and conference establishment as well as Hässlö Värdshus, a fine dining restaurant which often hosts dignified guests. Next to the building is also a park with outdoor activities including a nine hold golf course run as "Pay and Play". Within the area there also is the nature reserve Björnön with activities such as running and walking tracks, ski slope, beach and viewpoints, as well as the conference establishment Björnögården with its restaurant.